DPhil Projects

DPhil Projects are listed into two groups:

  1. DPhil Projects for which you are Primary Supervisor.
  2. DPhil Projects for which you are not Primary Supervisor - included for your information; you can't edit information for these DPhil projects.
    Please note that if you have not been mentioned as secondary supervisor for a DPhil project, this second group might not exist

You can add, edit or delete an existing DPhil project:

Add a new project

Click Add DPhil Project and complete the required project details:

Once the project information has been completed, click 'Save' to accept the changes.

Note: new DPhil projects will be reviewed before appearing on the website

You can now view and edit the other sections of the DPhil project:


You can add, view/edit or delete a supervisor:

Only a NDM PI can be Primary Supervisor. The ‘Up' and ‘Down' arrows will appear/disappear to allow you to nominate only a NDM PI as primary Supervisor.

Note: the first PI mentioned in the table is the Primary Supervisor for this project; if you nominate another NDM PI as primary supervisor, you will lose the ability to edit this project.


Publications can be associated to a DPhil project:

Note: PINFOX will check that the data you enter is a valid PubMedID


Images can be added to a DPhil project, you can:

Note: Figures must be .jpg, .gif or .png and if they are to be displayed on a newt-based website should ideally be larger than 900px x 600px.

Edit an existing DPhil project

Click on the DPhil project's name. Projects are organised into sections and each section is edited separately:

Please see above how to update these sections

Delete a DPhil project

Click on the DPhil project's title and select ‘Delete DPhil Project'.