Evening lecture series


In spring 2013, the Nuffield Department of Medicine teamed up with Science Oxford Live for their Healthy Season. This engaging and interactive series of evening lectures exploring: health, disease, genetics, drug discovery and some of the most topical challenges facing science and medicine today, was a great success.

Initial feedback from Science Oxford, based on audience evaluation forms, shows that these lectures were not only remarkably well attended, and popular with the local community, they were also highly satisfying for audiences. Most attendees also reported that the lectures improved their understanding and appreciation for the work NDM is doing.

NDM would like to thank all speakers who contributed to these informative and memorable evenings, including: Dr Julian Knight (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics), Professor Tim Key (Cancer Epidemiology Unit), Professor Adrian Hill and Dr Simon Draper (Jenner Institute), Professors Chas Bountra and Stefan Knapp (Structural Genomics Consortium), and Dr Dianne Newbury (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics).