How to update finance projects in PINFOX

  1. Under 'Import', select 'Oracle Finance Project Import' and click on 'Start new import session'
  2. Add the UO Projects Management Overview.xls file
  3. Run report
  4. Review all results/pages - grants requesting immediate attention will appear on the first page(s)
  5. Once you are happy with all the changes that have to be make, click 'Apply Updates'

Finance projects that are automatically updated are shown by the Status 'Automatic Update'; clicking on the magnifying glass 'View' will show the changes that will be applied.
Spot checks are recommended.

The Import report is saved as you progress. If you log out, you can continue by selecting: Import > Resume

How to confirm a manual update

  1. Click 'Edit'
  2. Select either from Oracle or from  PINFOX the value you want to keep. Select 'Hidden' if the End date is now in the past
  3. You may add a note - please add a date & your initials
  4. 'Save update'

How to ignore/restore a finance project

  1. Click the red cross 'Ignore'
  2. Add in a 'Reason for ignoring' - please include date & your initials within the note
  3. If you want this finance project to appear flagged (yellow) in subsequent reports, tick the box
  4. Click 'Ignore entry'

To restore a finance project that has been previously ignored, click the green plus 'Restore'

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How to update the Full Name of finance projects

  1. Under 'Import', select 'Oracle Oracle Project Names'
  2. Click 'Browse and add the UO Projects Portfolio.xlsx  file
  3. Run report

How to update the Sponsor Reference Number of finance projects

  1. Under 'Import', select 'Oracle Sponsor References'
  2. Click 'Browse and add the UO Agreement Funding.xlsx  file
  3. Run report

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