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Information for New Website requester

NDM has 25 websites that it currently oversees including the responsibility for ensuring compliance. All of these have to be maintained, which we ask Business Managers (BM) to nominate editors in their Institute, Centre and Units to do. As such we are trying to reduce the number of website instances we provide, and in order to have a consistent approach across the units within NDM, new pages need to be set up under main Institute, Centre and Unit websites using the Haiku content management system and an domain.

New websites will not be approved other than for strategical importance. In most cases new pages on existing websites are sufficient, in some cases the information is not relevant to be included on a website so please consider the requirements and content in full before making the request.

Requests will each be reviewed on a case by case basis, using Annex A as the basis for this, please follow the below or email the NDM web team for advice on where to send your request.

Name of the department requesting a new website
What would you like the content title to be?
Please give a brief description of what the content you are looking to post online is to represent
Please let us know the name of the main editor who will be responsible for administration of the content
Please let us know the total number of expected site editors
Will you want to display anything other than text, images and videos? E.g. interactive forms
Please provide further details of the additional content types you will require.
Will you want any forms for visitors to complete?
If so, please can you list what you will want the forms to do?
Please give a rough number of pages you require.
Is the content relating to the work of particular PIs / research groups and are there any external stakeholders? If so, please list them below.
Which logos are related to this content? e.g. NDM, Oxford university.
If a new website, what would you like the address of this site to be? ( If there is an existing website for new content to be created please confirm the URL