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NDM has display screens in the following locations:

  • John Radcliffe Hospital (Doctors Mess, outside Cairns Library (Level 3), outside the Lecture Theatre Hall (Level 3)
  • NDMRB reception
  • WCHG reception
  • COI reception

The JR screens are specifically used to advertise Clinical, Academic and Medical seminars and courses.

The NDMRB, WCHG and COI screens are also used to display more general information relating to staff and visitors.

If you would like to advertise using our screens please complete the form below. Please provide details of the event and an image if possible. A display screen slide will be created for you to approve before it is sent to the particular screen managers. Please note this process can take a couple of days so don't leave it to the last minute.

This will not appear on the slide.
Your name will not appear on the slide.
Your email will not appear on the slide.
Your number will not appear on the slide.
If this is for a seminar please give the title of the seminar series. Please provide no more than 10 words.
If this is for a seminar please provide its title here. Please provide no more than 15 words.
This should be the physical location of where the event will be held.
Feel free to provide some extra info, such as 'lunch provided', or 'all welcome', in no more than 10 words.
We usually look for an image of the speaker or logo. Please make sure they are good quality.
Feel free to add a second image should you wish.
Dates between which you would like the advert to display. If left blank the advert will be added from the current time to the time of the event taking place
Any content put in here will NOT be added to the slide. Please give guidance of any variations on how you would like the slide to appear: image sizes, positions etc.