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Freeing Voices

Specific Language Impairment affects hundreds of thousands of British children, and causes them to have difficulties speaking and understanding language. Dr Dianne Newbury is looking into how genetics might contribute to these problems, and how that may help us develop better ways to help children cope. She joined Science Oxford Live in spring 2013 for an evening of Scientists on the sofa, to take your questions.

Science Oxford Live

In spring 2013, the Nuffield Department of Medicine teamed up with Science Oxford Live for their Healthy Season. This engaging and interactive series of evening lectures exploring health, disease, genetics, drug discovery and some of the most topical challenges facing science and medicine today, was a great success.

Freeing Voices: Your questions

  • Can the environment have an effect?
  • Is Specific Language Impairment reflected in IQ scores?
  • How will this research help people with Specific Language Impairment?
  • Where does your research go next?