Information for Applicants

On this page you will find information on the different funding options available to potential postgraduate students hoping to study at NDM. Scroll below for information on how to apply and how to fill in your online application form.


Most students study for 4 years for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, DPhil, which is the Oxford equivalent of a PhD. Admission is competitive and decided on excellence. All students are members of Colleges of the University of Oxford and have the opportunity to study alongside scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines and live in a beautiful and historic city.

Academic excellence and research potential is assessed through the application and an interview. All students must also meet the minimum requirements in terms of degree classification, English language and ability to pay fees. Several sources of funding exist to help to pay for fees and stipends.

If you are considering applying for DPhil study, you are strongly advised to contact your proposed supervisor before making your application to the University.

Further information on admissions can be found on this page and via the links on the right hand panel. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.


1) NDM Doctoral Prize Studentships

The NDM Doctoral Prize Studentships are fully-funded 4 year awards that are open to outstanding students of any nationality without restriction. This is our flagship programme and it is advertised each autumn for students who want to start the following October. The closing date for applications for 2019 entry is 11th January 2019.

2) Other funded programmes

It is also possible to become a DPhil student in the department through admittance via other funded programmes, including the CSC-NDM studentships and the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars' Programme.

3) Direct Applications

Exceptionally, students can also approach individual supervisors directly at other times during the year. If you are not applying for a funded programme, you will need to have funds for the University fees and your living costs. The selection criteria remain the same as for funded programmes. More information is available on our Direct Applications page.

How to apply

1) NDM Prize Studentships

When completing the online application form please read the University Guide and take note of the following:

University administration requires a single credit card payment of £75 to accompany your application. Unfortunately no other form of payment is acceptable for online appications.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates for admission take place 29 and 30 January 2019. Applicants will need to be available at this time and will have an opportunity to visit the laboratories. We can alternatively conduct interviews with overseas students by Skype or phone.

how-to-apply12) Other Funded Programmes

Candidates apply directly to these programmes - please see the information on their own separate websites.

3) Direct Applications to NDM Supervisors

Candidates making direct applications must first email their CV and names and addresses of referees to their proposed supervisor.

The form should be completed as for the Prize Studentships (explained above) except under Proposed field and title of research project enter the specific title of research that you have agreed with the supervisor and  the code '12CLINMED02', and for Statement of study plans/Research Proposal include a detailed research proposal.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates for admission will take place during the spring. Applicants will have an opportunity to visit the laboratories. We can alternatively conduct interviews with overseas applicants online.

Offers from the University become unconditional once original degree transcripts from the applicant's University together with any necessary language certificate have been received, and Colleges have received proof of funding.