Students on courses lasting more than 6 months are entitled to full free National Health Service (NHS) Medical Care. You will need to register with a local NHS General Practitioner (GP); but your college will normally do this for you, since it usually has an attachment to one of the local GP practices.  You can expect a high standard of medical care from Oxford GPs and at the John Radcliffe and other local hospitals.

Other resources relating to Student Welfare and Health are available.

For information regarding maternity arrangements please go to the Maternity Arrangements page.

If you are absent due to sickness, you must let your supervisor know as soon as possible by telephone or email. If you are absent for more than 7 days you must get a doctor's certificate and send it to your local NDM administrator. If a certificate is not produced the institute has the right to suspend your bursary until you return to work. In this case, you would receive notice in writing.


NDM wants to attract students of the high potential to study here. It is likely that some students will be living with a disability or long-term health condition. It is also possible that a student may acquire a disability or long-term health condition during their studies here.

The Department has both a Disability Lead and Disability Co-ordinator, who work with the University's Disability Advisory Service to support students. Students should also read the Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students for further information on the support available.



NDM Disability Lead Professor Robert Gilbert, Director of Graduate Studies Robert Gilbert
NDM Disability Coordinator Lettitia Derrington
Disability Advisory Service Disability Advisory Centre

01865 280459