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Helen McShane

Development of a new vaccine against Tuberculosis

Professor Helen McShane has been working on a new TB vaccine for 10 years. There are about 9 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths every year from tuberculosis. She developed MVA85A, a vaccine with the aim to boost the cellular immune response induced by BCG. Developing countries are especially in need of a new vaccine since HIV and TB epidemics overlap and show a devastating synergy.

Outreach podcasts

Understanding great research doesn’t have to be confusing. In this series of podcasts, our researchers explain what they get up to for a general audience.

Helen McShane: Fighting TB – South Africa’s ‘insidious epidemic’

South Africa stands at the centre of a global TB epidemic devastating the health of millions and their communities. Oxford University is working with South African researchers, health workers and community volunteers in the hunt for an urgently-needed new vaccine.

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