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Hilary Martin

Hilary Martin, born in Australia, joined the University of Oxford in 2011. Prior to her DPhil she studied Genetics at the University of Queensland (Australia). She is a member of Balliol college and her research is on whole-genome sequencing for translational research under the supervision of Professor Peter Donnelly.

NDM Studentship

Every year, about 60 DPhil students start a life changing experience in the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford.

NDM Prize Studentships are advertised from October in Nature and online, and have a closing deadline of early January each year, with interviews taking place towards the end of January. The candidates are judged on the basis of their academic and research potential. The Prize Studentships are open to graduate students from all countries. Candidates should submit an online application by the deadline. Please read our guidance on how to apply.

Hilary Martin

We've asked Hilary Martin from Australia why she decided to do a DPhil project in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. She moved to Oxford as she was keen to work with Professor Peter Donnelly due to her interest in genetics. In particular she has a keen interest in individual differences between people and the focus of her DPhil is on evolutionary genetics. She thinks that the college system at the University of Oxford is really good as it is easy to make new friends and find many extra-curricular activities.