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Locating your profile

Your profile may exist on multiple university websites such as the main NDM site at and/or the site belonging to a unit to which you are affiliated

Go to the people/team page on your unit website or the NDM website

Enter your surname in the search box

Click on your name to go to your profile


Navigate to your profile page

Click Login at the top of the page

Login using your Oxford SSO

Your profile may exist on multiple sites and only one of these is considered the authoritative location where it can be edited

If the site you are on is not the authoritative source for your profile you should be warned when attempting to login

If so, please go to the suggested URL

Edit your public-facing website profile

Click Edit Content to change what’s shown on your profile

Hover over each section and click Edit

Change the options


Click View my profile to see your public facing profile

You can also change the layout of your profile and add new content tiles

To do so click Edit Layout

Add columns and rows

Add content tiles to the spaces you’ve added by dragging them in

Use “Text” tiles for general content


Edit your NDM details

Navigate to your website profile editing page (see above)

Click NDM Dashboard

Click PI data

Click Edit

Change your details


Edit your collaborations

Click Collaborations

Click Edit collaborators

Details of non-NDM PIs can be edited by clicking Edit

Click Researcher Information

Click Edit

Set the department, institution and country

Click Save and set coordinates

Google will try to find the institution

If one of the suggestions is correct click on it

Otherwise change the search text until the place you want is shown

If you can’t find a suitable place then just search for the name of the area instead

Click Save

To add a new collaborator click Add Collaborator at the bottom of the page

Type their surname

If they come up as a suggestion click on them to add them to the bottom of your collaborator list

If not, click Add new

Enter their details

Click Save and set coordinates (see notes above)

Drag rows to change the order of the list

Click Done when finished

Edit your DPhil projects

Click DPhil projects

Select a DPhil project to Edit

Edit the details

Add a Dphil project by clicking Add Dphil project

Add details

Click Save

Edit the supervisors, publications and figures

You can see details of any finance projects you have in Oracle by clicking Finance Projects

Adding DPhil projects and collaborations to your website profile

Follow the instructions to edit the layout of your website profile above

Add an embed code tile to the layout

Switch to the Edit content view

Hover over the embed tile you added

Click Edit

Click DPhil Projects or Collaborations

Click Save

Click View my profile


Publications are still handled through Symplectic at

To display your key/favourite or recent publications on your profile you need to add a Publications tile to your profile layout if you don’t already have one (see Edit your public-facing website profile section above)

Switch to the Edit content view

Hover over the Publications tile and click Edit

Choose from the various display options

The tickbox “Manage my key publications locally on my profile” allows you to choose whether your symplectic favourites (heart icon) are used as your “Key” publications in haiku

More Information

More thorough information on editing your website profile in haiku can be found on the haiku knowledge base at