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This is a podcast from the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM). We have asked Zhe Zhao from China, why he decided to do a DPhil project in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. He also talks about his research and his experience living in Oxford.

Zhe Zhao

Before I came to Oxford, I was studying in Beijing and then I went to Holland for my master's degree. This is where I developed my interest in coronary artery research. And then I realised, Dr Sarah De Val had just recently moved from the US and come to Oxford and this project, she offered was amazing, exactly what I'd been looking for. That is why I came here. My research is about transcription regulation in coronary artery development. Basically, it is trying to understand the mechanism of how the blood methylene heart is developed in embryology, but also, this insight will give you some clue about looking for targets for heart attacks. Oxford has a college system, which offers you a lot of social life, but it is not difficult for you if you want to enjoy some silence. I live in Headington, which is a suburb of Oxford. So, it's an amazing place that you can concentrate on your work. Whoever wants to apply to NDM has to keep in mind that it is a really competitive scholarship to get. But once you get it you will never regret it. It is amazing because Oxford has so much to offer in academia, in social life. You just have to come here.