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New risk factor for prostate cancer

Posted 08/10/2008

Dr Andrew Roddam, from the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, worked with an international team of researchers who found that men with higher levels of IGF-1 were more likely to go on to develop prostate cancer than those with lower levels of the protein.

Vaccine for breast cancer within reach

Posted 06/10/2008

Professor Valerie Beral of Oxford University, who leads the Million Women's Study into the causes of the disease, told the Guardian the study had put beyond doubt what had long been guessed - that many breast cancers are caused by the absence of hormonal changes connected with childbirth.

Duke of York visits Vietnam unit

Posted 15/09/2008

His Royal Highness The Duke of York, KG visited the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam on 10 September during a three-day official visit to celebrate 35 years of diplomatic ties between the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Intensive glucose control after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes has long-term benefits

Posted 10/09/2008

Researchers at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism have found that earlier improved blood glucose control reduces the risk of heart attacks and leads to fewer deaths, in addition to reducing the risk of well-recognised complications from type 2 diabetes, such as kidney and eye disease. Professor Rury Holman let this study.

Universal flu vaccine tests start

Posted 05/09/2008

A universal flu vaccine which could mean an end to the annual jab is being tested on UK volunteers. If successful, the vaccine developed by Oxford University researchers would also be a key weapon in a flu pandemic. Dr Sarah Gilbert leads this project.

Royal Society Honours Oxford Researchers

Posted 10/07/2008

Dr Simon Fisher, a Royal Society University Research Fellow at Oxford’s Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, has been awarded the Francis Crick Prize Lecture for his ground breaking research in human language.

First person given possible vaccine in Africa

First person given possible vaccine in Africa

Posted 14/10/2014

The first trials in Africa of a potential Ebola vaccine have started on health workers in Mali. Mali currently has no Ebola cases but it borders Guinea, where the outbreak began. The trials are hoping to determine whether the potential vaccine is safe and whether it increase immunity against Ebola.  Safety trials of this vaccine began a few weeks ago at the Jenner Institute. The healthy people ...

Structural study of antibiotic opens the way for new TB treatments

Structural study of antibiotic opens the way for new TB treatments

Posted 16/11/2018
New analysis of the structure and function of the naturally-occurring antimicrobial agent tunicamycin has revealed ways to produce new, safe antibiotics for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other disease-causing bacteria.  The full paper, ‘Structural insights into tunicamycin’s toxic interactions with the human N-linked glycosylation pathway allows the identification of non-toxic antibiotics effective against tuberculosis in mice,’ can be read in the journal Cell.

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