How do I add an image or document to an Asset folder, and then move it if needed?

All images must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Movie files must be mp4, and be 640px by 360px. All other documents will be treated as a File (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.).

If you go to the homepage of your website and click on the edit button, log in and you will end up on the edit screen for the home page. To access the asset folder, there are some links at the top of the white space named ‘Back | Start -> Website -> Content -> Home’. Click on the ‘Start’ link. You should now see the system folder, which will have a couple of folders within it. ‘Website’ is how you get back in to editing the pages of your site, ‘Assets’ is where you upload all your external files (images, videos, documents etc.).

It’s always good practice to keep the assets folder as organised as possible, as when you get to having a couple of hundred images on your site it can be a pain trying to find what you need. General rule of thumb is to match the folders in your asset folder to how your site is structured and organised. This way you always know where your files are and also where to add new ones to as you go.

To add a new file (image, video or document) or folder you just need to click on the link in the top left hand side of the editing box. Remember to do this only once you have navigated to the folder you wish to add the file too. Click the ‘Browse’ button and find where you have placed the file on your computer. You can name the file; otherwise it will just assume the file name you are uploading it with. Click ‘Add File’ and your file should now be in the folder you placed it in. As with the pages of your site, once a file is uploaded you can move it to another folder by using the ‘Move’ feature, or even move an entire folder of images to another location in the assets folder.

To do this, click on the file you would like to move, select ‘Move’ from the top of the editing box and navigate to the folder you want to move the file/folder to. It doesn’t really matter for images and documents, but if you would like to order your images you can add in where in the list you want the new file to appear within this ‘Move’ window (1 for right at the top, 2 for second place, blank for last place in the folder).

Suggestion: add an asset folder for each item in the first level of navigation. If needed add other folders within this first level of folders.