Dr Erwan Atcheson

Erwan Atcheson

DPhil Candidate in Neglected Tropical Diseases: P Vivax Malaria, Dengue and Chagas, Reyes-Sandoval Group

My work is focused on developing a vaccine for malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax.  Vivax malaria is a serious and neglected tropical disease with 132-391 million clinical cases per year and 2.5 billion people at risk of infection. An effective vaccine against this disease would have a considerable impact and would play a crucial role in eradicating the disease. I am developing a pre-erythrocytic vaccine targeting the sporozoite and liver stages in the human host. The two leading malaria subunit vaccines, circumsporozoite protein (CSP) and thrombospondin-related adhesion protein (TRAP) are both pre-erythrocytic but neither provides optimal protection in clinical trials. My strategy for improving these vaccines has focused on combining them. In pre-clinical studies using a transgenic rodent malaria model I have demonstrated that combining vivax CSP and TRAP vaccines enhances protection against malaria challenge. I am also investigating the differential effects of adjuvants on combining vaccines and I am developing a cross-species vivax/falciparum malaria vaccine. I will now expand my combination vaccine work to include new candidates.

Email: erwan.atcheson@seh.ox.ac.uk

Key publications

McCoy CJ, Warnock ND, Atkinson LE, Atcheson E, Martin RJ, Robertson AP, Maule AG, Marks NJ, Mousley A. 2015. RNA interference in adult Ascaris suum--an opportunity for the development of a functional genomics platform that supports organism-, tissue- and cell-based biology in a nematode parasite. Int. J. Parasitol. 45:673–678.

Varghese F, Atcheson E, Bridges HR, Hirst J. 2015. Characterization of clinically identified mutations in NDUFV1, the flavin-binding subunit of respiratory complex I, using a yeast model system. Hum. Mol. Genet. 24:6350–6360.

Atcheson, E, Hamilton E, Pathmanathan S, Greer B, Harriott P, Timson DJ. 2011. IQ-motif selectivity in human IQGAP2 and IQGAP3: binding of calmodulin and myosin essential light chain. Biosci. Rep. 31:371–379.