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On 14 March, Mr Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department (Academic Support & Finance), Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Dr Cesar López-Camacho and Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris welcomed a distinguished group of guests from the British Embassy in Mexico coming with a delegation of Mexican journalists from different media outlets on a tour exploring UK’s science, technology and innovation, education, business and sustainability.

UK embassy in Mexico group photo at the WTCHG - 14th March 2016The purpose of their visit to the Nuffield Department of Medicine was to explore what NDM is all about, particularly in a global context, and above all, to highlight the strategic vision and key activities of NDM-Mexico. While Mr Nash explained the broad vision and role of NDM’s strategic research capabilities and leadership within an international context, Professor Reyes-Sandoval spoke about the story behind the birth of NDM-Mexico and what NDM-Mexico currently does.

Darren Nash presentation 14th March, 2016An essential goal of NDM-Mexico is to contribute to the strengthening of networks of scientific collaboration between Oxford and Mexico. Professor Reyes Sandoval acknowledged the key role that Newton Fund/British Council and CONACyT, the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Wellcome Trust, amongst others, have played in supporting the consolidation of this international consortium between researchers based in Oxford and Mexican scientists from various research institutions and public health laboratories and hospitals. In particular, Professor Reyes-Sandoval talked about the work that the network of collaboration is doing regarding the development of novel vaccines against Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Chagas and most recently, Zika.

Professor Reyes-Sandoval also talked about the successful NDM-Mexico Summer Internship Scholarship opportunities offered to outstanding Mexican students on an annual basis as well as NDM’s interest in promoting and helping Mexican students to apply to a PhD Prize Studentships in the Department.

It was a delightful experience and we definitely enjoyed very much meeting Ingrid, Roberto and Samantha from the UK Embassy in Mexico as well as all the very interesting journalists from Mexico, in particular: Montserrat, Daniel, Ilian, Nayeli, Nallely and Héctor de la Hoya, better known as Benshorts. After the presentaiton the group had the opportunity to interact with a few key members of NDM Mexico as well as interview Mexican PhD student Eriko and MSc student Sophie. There was a tour of Arturo's lab and despite a very tight agenda, we managed to squeeze through a fun mini tour around the city centre before the group departed for their next meeting (and in the process, almost leaving behind one of them!).

Arturo showing Mexico map in presentation in 14th March, 2016The following people were present at the meeting:

From the UK Embassy in Mexico

Ingrid Constant, Press Officer, UK Embassy in Mexico

Roberto Velez, Innovation & Research Officer, UK Embassy in Mexico

Samantha Lopez, Science & Innovation Administrative Officer, UK Embassy in Mexico

Mexican journalists

Montserrat Vázquez del Mercado, Editorial Coordinator of Fractal (FOROtv show), Televisa

Daniel Rodríguez, Fractal (FOROtv show), Televisa

Ilian Cedeño, Excélsior (newspaper)

Nayeli Meza, Editora Web en @SoyEntrepreneur (magazine)

Nallely Ortigoza, Coeditora de Empresas en El Financiero (newspaper)

Héctor de la Hoya – Benshorts, (video blogger)

NDM, University of Oxford

Mr Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department (Academic Support and Finance)

Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Associate Professor, Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, CONACyT SNI II, Jenner Investigator, Group Head / PI, Fellow and Supervisor

Dr Cesar López-Camacho, Postdoctoral Researcher in the Neglected Tropical Diseases Programme led by Prof Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, NDM

Eriko Padrón-Regalado, DPhil student, Jenner Institute, NDM (former NDM-Mexico Summer Intern)

Sophie Janet, MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, NDM

Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris, NDM Strategic, Project Support Officer - Mexico