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Dr Pablo Kuri Morales, Undersecretary for Diseases Prevention and Health Policy in the Mexican Ministry of Health delivered a special seminar on “Mexico's National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes”.

Dr. Kuri Morales presentation at NDMA fantastic audience attended the Lecture Theatre at The Richard Doll Bulding to listen to Dr Kuri Morales's seminar on the politics, strategies and outcomes (so far) of Mexico's national strategy to combat, prevent and deal with the serious increase in obesity and diabetes affecting Mexicans. According to Dr Kuri Morales, the National Strategy launched in 2013/2014 centres around three core areas: Public Health, Medical Care and Health Regulation and Fiscal Policy.

Audience at Dr. Kuri Morales' seminarAlthough Dr Kuri Morales recognised there is still much to be done, he argued there were already signs of a positive change in consumer behaviour towards healthier eating and drinking options. The sugar tax, an agressive national education campaign - Chécate, Mídete y Muévete - and the joint participation of the government (at the national, state and municipal levels), the private initiative, academia and a strong civil society are the key elements contributing to this initial change.  

Dr. Kuri Morales with NDM Mexico staff and Tropical Medicine Global Health MSc studentsPhoto at the top: Dr Kuri Morales presenting Mexico's National Strategy.
Photo above: audience at the seminar
Photo to the left: Dr Kuri Morales with NDM-Mexico staff Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Dr Gilberto Estrada Harris and Dr Cesar Lopez-Camacho and MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine students Lorena Suárez-Idueta, who helped organise the seminar, Sophie Janet, Poojan Shrestha, Bradley Brown and Chinwe Njoku Ogbonna.