Arturo and Louis-Marie in Michoacan, summer 2015


NDM has a growing spread of research relying on collaborations with world-class scientists, research, hospitals and public health institutes in Mexico and Latin America, and on direct access to infrastructure or patient cohorts in Mexico itself. In addition, there are a growing number of scientists and research institutes based in Mexico who are seeking collaborations abroad. Here you can meet (in alphabetical order) all the people that are contributing to the work of NDM-Mexico, whether as lead investigators here in Oxford or in Mexico or as postdoctoral researchers, students or support members of staff . Working together with all our partners, we aim to contribute to the development and strengthening of long-lasting scientific research collaborations and research capacity on both sides of the Ocean.

Principal Investigators

Postdoctoral Researchers


Support Staff

Former Members

DNA Sequences visualised with UV Transiluminator
Protein production in TC Flask


Dr Garcia Knight presenting in Michoacan

Mexican group at NDMRB lab training, summer 2015

Dr Gemma Hancock at the Lab