Immunology in Oxford

Professor Mike Lenardo

T cell regulation


Professor Michael J. Lenardo is Section Chief for the Molecular Development of the Immune System Section, at the National Institutes of Health, USA. Professor Lenardo’s laboratory investigates the molecular regulation of T lymphocytes, particularly in relation to immunological tolerance, apoptosis, and autoimmune diseases. His goal is to understand the pathogenesis of autoimmunity from the vantage point of T-cell regulation, as well as to develop novel means of diagnosis and immunomodulation for these diseases. Professor Lenardo is also investigating how HIV causes the death of CD4 T lymphocytes. The aim of this research is to eventually develop new treatments, or vaccines, for AIDS.

Mike Lenardo: New immunoregulatory mechanisms

Professor Mike Lenardo speaks about early links between the NIH (National Institute of Health, USA) and the University of Oxford, and their success in setting up the NIH-Oxford-Cambridge DPhil programme.

Professor Lenardo also talks about his work investigating immunological regulation and disorders using a human genetic approach.