NDM Finance Team

Background and introduction

Following the University-wide Focus project, the University is looking to improve working across support functions.  


In response, and after careful review, the NDM implemented its own shared service centre called the NDM Finance Team (NDMFT) for its Old Road Campus Units, Centres and Institutes.  In February 2019  a team of 13 people were brought together to consolidate the finance processes for purchasing, expense claims, accounts payables & receivables. During the initial 6 months processes have been standardised and developed to provide a more consistent service for our internal & external customers, and to further ensure compliance with University purchasing regulations and external sponsor requirements. In particular, the process to set up any new supplier has been improved to keep shoppers aware of progress and avoid unnecessary delays to purchases. We will continue to place an emphasis on ensuring supplier and customer invoices are processed more quickly to maintain good external relationships which also reduces queries. 


In the next six months we will undertake more training and feedback sessions for relevant R12/Oracle users to further develop and refine processes to ensure an efficient service and these pages will be updated regularly with information, links and processes to assist with managing the changes.

The NDMFT is a finance processing team. In order to meet the internal customer targets it is dependent on getting correct information from its internal customers or timely approval from Business Managers and Unit Administrators.

When contacting the NDMFT via email, please use finance@ndm.ox.ac.uk 

NDMFT contact

Trop Med, TDI & BDI – Rosie Sharp x17641 Trop Med additional details  TDI& BDI  additional details

Jenner, SGC & Ludwig– Sophie Skidmore x17602 additional details 

Wellcome, Strubi & CCMP – Simon Gilbane x87754 additional details 


Issues re internal service –Sam Branch x87993

When to contact your NDMFT contact

-         Delays / queries with purchases

-         Delays with supplier invoices, such as late payment

-         Queries for a new supplier set up

-         Progress for new supplier set up

-         Requests for a customer invoice to be raised or SRF recharges

-         Queries re TEF & JEF

When to contact your local unit administration support team:

Business Manager (BM)/ Unit Administrator (UA)

Finance Manager (FM)/Grants Officer (GO)


When your NDMFT contact will contact you

Incomplete information e.g. missing codes, supporting purchasing documents, AP invoices where no PO has been raised or price discrepancies and receipting omission after need by date.

From 12th November 2019, the Purchase Order auto-generation times have changed to 11am, 1,30pm and 4pm.

Internal Service / Customer expectation

Requisitions will be processed in to a Purchase Order within:

-         <£1k within 1 day (NDMFT)

-         <£100k within 4 days (BMs/FMs)

-         >£100k within 5 days (MSD)

Customer invoice requests and internal trade (SRF) raised within 5 days

Supplier invoices that do not require a PO will be processed within 7 working days, however this may take longer if a new supplier needs to be set up. The PO exceptions list can be found here.

Fully completed and authorised expense claim forms received in the NDMFT by Wednesday should be passed for payment by the central finance team within 2 weeks. Information on this process, including forms and allowable expenses can be found here.

For any general queries related to the NDMFT, please contact the Team Manager, Rosie Sharp rosie.sharp@ndm.ox.ac.uk

If you have any internal issues relating to service provision, please contact NDM's Head of Finance, Sam Branch samantha.branch@ndm.ox.ac.uk 


Glossary of terms

-        AP invoices  = Accounts Payable (Supplier) invoices

-        AR invoices = Accounts Receivable (Customer) invoices

-        PO = purchase order

-        Department code = The first 2 digits of any project or general ledger cost centre code

-        Cost centre =  income and expenditure for an activity for a budget holder

-        SOF = Source of Funds

-        GL = General Ledger

-        TEF = Tender Exemption Form

-        JEF = Justification expenditure form for shoppers to self certify when not using a preferred supplier and/or obtaining comparitive quotes for purchases over £1k and less £25k

-        PRF = Payment Request Form

-        Need by date = The date the supplier has promised

-        SRF – Small Research Facility

-        BM = Business Manager

-        UA = Unit Administrator

-        PI = Principal Investigator

-        MSD = Medical Sciences Division

-        Journals = the movement of transactions to either correct an error, or reallocate and expenditure or income. Can take place between projects, general ledger codes, or a combination of both

-        SOPs = Standard Operating Procedures


finance chart