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Meet our Researchers

Research in Medicine ultimately translates into better treatment of patients. Our Researchers tell us about their work to develop better care and improved preventive measures. Findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from Bench to Bedside.

This clickable word cloud, compiled from our podcasts’ keywords, illustrates the variety of research within NDM.

Meet our Students

Students podcasts imageOur Department offers a highly competitive studentship for our DPhil programme to outstanding candidates of any nationality. The NDM Prize Studentship is a four year course which includes full payment of all fees and an annual stipend. Prize Studentships are advertised from each autumn for students who want to start the following October. Students also have a unique once in a lifetime experience to live in a beautiful and historic city. Our students talk about their research and their experience living in Oxford.

Our Medical Students explain how they enjoyed conducting research while completing their undergraduate medical degree.

International Activities imageInternational Activities

The Nuffield Department of Medicine engages with many countries around the world in a variety of ways, including collaborations across the world, research projects overseas, collaborative research centres and laboratories, a subsidiary company office in Beijing and our own Tropical Medicine units in Kenya and Southeast Asia.

NDM Research Units

Units podcasts imageNDM is a large multi-disciplinary department that links high quality basic biological science with medical application. Our base at the Headington Hospitals campus is one of the largest centres for biomedical research in Europe. We operate a number of overseas programmes in tropical medicine and global health, with research units in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Kenya supporting activities at numerous sites in S-E Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. We coordinate extensive epidemiological and clinical trials networks throughout China, India and South America.