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Director of Finance and Operations Ed Gibbs

BDI Business Manager Becky Norris

NDMRB Business Manager Janine Crispin

Finance Manager Alex Kuczera

Grants Support  &


NDMRB-BDI support team

The NDMRB (including for Tropical Medicine) collection point is the pigeon hole located on the ground floor, cupboard door marked 'Finance'.

Please use this to drop off expense claim forms that have been signed by the budget holder/your supervisor. Please ensure the form includes the correct Project or General Ledger code and complies with the University guidance. A member of the NDMFT will visit the collection point daily between 11am - 12 noon to collect any documents that have been left. 

Each Thursday a member of the NDMFT will visit each Finance Manager (FM). As this will be rotated across the Accounts Payable (AP) team it will also allow for members of the NDMFT to meet the FMs and vice versa and build relationships by putting faces to names. We will no longer be making daily visits to FMs desks and will use the collection points instead.