How to add a new finance project in PINFOX

Check if the PI for the new finance project is already in PINFOX

Note: Please use the email account for any request.

Add a new finance project

New finance projects can also be added from PINFOX homepage:

Projects can be duplicated; click 'Duplicate Finance Project'; some information is added in automatically (Name, Project, PI, Funding body, start and end dates)

Lay Summary and Finance Project Type

Ask the unit finance project administrator for the lay summary and finance project type (Fellowship, Programme, Studentship, Project - including Clinical Trials, Equipment), and whether funding for this project is annualised. Please send requests from the email account.

Note: not all sponsors require a lay summary

Note: finance projects coming in 18-months tranches (or other) also count as annualised, as do any grant with an end-date that doesn't correlate to the full budget set up in Oracle.
This stops them from looking like they have a high burn rate until the budget is uplifted.

How to add a new Funding Body

If the funding body doesn't appear in the list, please add it under 'Lists'

The new Funding Body will appear the next time you add a new finance project - please first add the new Funding Body, then add the new finance project.