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Many congratulations to Dr Caesar Atuire who has been appointed President of the International Association of Bioethics.

Caesar Atuire

The International Association of Bioethics (IAB) was founded in 1992 to facilitate contact, networking and exchange of ideas and resources amongst those working in bioethics and related fields in different parts of the world. The IAB encourages the development of bioethics research, teaching, and practice, while upholding the value of free, open, and reasoned discussion. It aims to promote the visibility and the dissemination of bioethics scholarly work and activism. It encourages the discussion of cross-cultural aspects of bioethics and seeks to support early career bioethicists and those working in regions that face challenges and barriers.

Dr Caesar Atuire is a philosopher and health ethicist from Ghana who is currently the Ethics Lead for NDM's MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine.  He is also an Associate Professor of Applied Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Ghana and an affiliate Instructor at the University of Washington’s Department of Bioethics and Humanities.  As the incoming President of the IAB, Caesar addressed The World Congress of Bioethics in Doha on 3 June.