NeWT gives you the tools to create and manage your web pages and content. The bespoke system, developed by NDM, allows you to quickly and easily publish content to the internet.

Pages are created based on a pre-defined template ensuring that all your content has a recognisable, standardised style based on your department's branding. Feel free to browse the current websites powered by NeWT.

With NeWT, if you can use a word processor, you can create a web page. The user interface has been designed to be familiar, functional and easy-to-use.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to maintain an entire website. You don’t have to. Sections can be allocated to whichever team, or person, is best placed to keep information up-to-date. Authority to make modifications can be assigned 'per page' if required, ensuring that content can't be accidently changed by an unauthorised user.

Want to tell people what you do? NeWT contains a number of different features to help you communicate with the world such as news-feeds, podcasts, researcher profiles, OxItems and seminar timetables.


NeWT incorporates a variety of functions to allow you to publish the content you want to broadcast.

  • A web-based content system that doesn't require any specialised software to be installed on a user's PC.
  • YouTube, Vimeo and MediaPub feeds directly on your page.
  • Newsfeeds with links to external websites or your own pages to keep visitors up to date with your department's work.
  • Include podcasts to engage with audiences.
  • A subscribable seminar page to keep people informed about the latest talks.

  • Easily maintainable academic and researcher profiles to publicise your activities.
  • Symplectic integration via Single Sign-On.
  • Timelines allow people to explore career paths and milestones for high profile staff.
  • Create intranet pages accessible only to staff and students.
  • Image galleries to display pictures in flickr or picasa/google+ web albums.
  • Style templates ensure a consistently branded theme both within a website and across multiple websites.
  • A simple user interface allows anybody to create and maintain content after only a brief amount of training.

Service and Support

NDM will work with you to create a theme and any websites and pages you require, and provide introductory training to the system to enable you to create and maintain your own sites. If you have an existing website we can help move your content to NeWT for inclusion in your new site. Our commitment to NeWT is ongoing, and as such, the system is constantly under development to include new features.

A NeWT user guide and a list of NeWT powered webpages area available to view on the NDM pages.


For more information, or to discuss your requirements further, please visit our enquiries and pricing page.

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