Crossing boundaries, Nairobi, Kenya

OHSCAR symposium in Oxford


The Oxford Health Systems Collaboration (OHSCAR) Symposium kicked off on Thursday 27th February 2014 at the Green Templeton College in Oxford UK. Honorary speakers from as far as Kenya to Norway graced the event.

The symposium whose theme was Crossing boundaries - Africa - Oxford Health Systems Research Collaboration provided a great opportunity for knowledge sharing on health systems research, economics and governance in health management.


Notable speakers in the symposium were; Professor Andy Oxman from Oslo, Norway, Dr Newton Opiyo and Professor Mike English from Nairobi, Kenya, Dr David Sinclair from Liverpool and Dr Simon Lewis from South Africa.

How can we help people make well-informed choices about their own health? The evening session was a creative mix of thought provoking and knowledge sharing lectures on Making Global Health Better. Young scientists, PHD students and researchers each had an opportunity to learn, interact and exchange ideas.

Podcasts of interviews and lectures
Health Systems Research Brochure