Kidney Stone Biobank

In order to undertake meaningful research into kidney stone disease we have set up a biobank of kidney stone patients. Funded through the Oxford Biomedical Reserch Centre this is an electronic database of clinical information and biochemical data (blood and urine measurements) combined with a collection of blood and urine samples that are processed and stored at -80°C. This resource will be used to investigate the genes, proteins and metabolites that may contribute to stone formation. 

Samples are collected as part of the Oxford Radcliffe Biobank (ORB) which has ethics approval and dedicated consent forms. If you are a stone-former and want to contribute please contact our biobank nurse (Emily Grout) to arrange an appointment.



Emily Grout

Kidney Stone Biobank Research Nurse

Emily Trained as a registered general nurse at St George's hospital London in 1986. Emily moved to Oxfordshire in 1989 after getting married. She has worked in urology for past 22 years and has had a keen interest in the treatment and management of kidney stones. Emily accepted the post of Urology Research Nurse in March 2011 with the aim of supporting the establishment and maintenance of a biobank for urinary stone patients. Emily works closely with the Oxford Stone Group focusing on patients with kidney stone disease and also works with additional patient cohorts within other urological disease areas.

Tel: 01865-741841 hospital pager 5075