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Many patients ask if they can support research or improve treatment of a condition from which they have suffered. Kidney Stones are likely to affect 1 in 8 people in their lifetime. Passing a stone is extremely painful and are the most common emergency admission to urology departments. Although common, for the majority of stone formers very little is known about why some people form stones and others do not. We aim to support research into the causes of stone disease and to make prevention and treatment more effective.

Oxford Urology Foundation supports research into non-cancerous urological conditions. Many of these conditions have a profound and chronic impact on peoples lives. Often they don't receive the same attention as cancer patients. OUF aims to support these patients by improving clinical care through research and education.

If you would like to donate or fundraise please contact:

Mr Edward Bernard, OUF Chairman,

or download the OUF leaflet for more information and details:

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