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Fellowships usually run from August to August each year.

Please contact ben.turney@nds.ox.ac.uk for further details



In October 2011, Oxford became the 3rd centre in Europe to be recognised by the European Board of Urology (EBU) as sub-specialty centre. 

A EBU-certified subspecialty centre is a European institution that has received official EBU endorsement. Centres that are EBU-certified provide all relevant treatments for a certain disorder and consistently maintain high quality in all treatment modalities. The centre has to be up to date on the latest research developments, take a pro-active part in the international debate and have the resources to perform its own research studies on the subspecialty it focuses on. Significantly, an EBU subspecialty centre must show commitment in sharing expertise and skills by way of offering post-graduate training programmes such as fellowship programmes focusing on specific techniques.

Fellowship Programme

As a subspecialty centre, Oxford is hosts a fellowship programme. A potential candidate is a qualified urologist aiming for a deeper understanding, knowledge and skill in the management of stone disease. Our fellowship programme provides a systematic understanding of the subspecialty and its practices, including research proficiency.