Mandy Spencer


Mandy is the Senior Radiographer Lead in Lithotripsy at the Churchill Hospital. She studied Human Biology at King’s College, London and then Diagnostic Radiography at Birmingham City University.   She completed postgraduate study in Ultrasound at Hertfordshire University and is a qualified Sonographer.  Her current Advanced Practitioner role includes both Fluoroscopic and Ultrasound guided Lithotripsy and Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Mandy has worked at the Churchill Hospital since 2004 and played a large part in establishing the Lithotripsy service.  She has trained a team of Radiographers to work alongside her and continues to work closely with them to maintain very high levels of patient care and quality treatment.  She also works closely with the team of Urology Nurse Practitioners and Urologists to continue to improve and expand the Lithotripsy Service.