Proteomics and Metabolomics

This work is a collaboration with the proteomics research group of Dr Benedikt Kessler in the Target Discovery Institute in Oxford. This work investigates the proteins and metabolites in urine that may be involved in stone formation.



Dr Rebecca Konietzny

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Rebecca is a post-doctoral scientist in Benedikt Kessler’s Proteomics lab and has expertise in clinical proteomics and metabolomics. Originally she has a background in hypoxia and virology. A collaboration with Chris Pugh and David Hughes started in March 2010 and she successfully identified BK viral proteins in urine of renal transplant recipients by mass spectrometry. The reactivation of this virus is often connected to BK-virus associated nephropathy (BKVAN). Rebecca has been working with the Oxford Stone Group. We have established an in vivo SILAC cell culture model to identify secreted proteins after exposure to calcium oxalate crystals. Furthermore we are interested in the identification of Metobolites in urine of Stone Formers. Rebecca is operating a high accuracy time of flight mass spectrometer (Agilent QTOF 6520) and has expertise in confocal microscopy. Recently Rebecca has been working with RapidFire technology to develop a high-throughput metabolomic platform for clinical samples.  

Rebecca has been supported by the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and is now funded by NIHR RCF.