Oxford Academic recognised by Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam

On 19th May 2011 the Medical University of Hanoi honoured Dr Mattias Larsson, of Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam (OUCRU-VN), with a professorship.  The ceremony was attended by members of the Swedish Embassy, the Principal of Hanoi Medical University, representatives of Gothenburg University, Sweden, and Oxford University, England, and presenters of many different medical universities and medical government agencies in Hanoi.

Dr Larsson has contributed to the development of Hanoi medics in many areas: international collaborations, encouraging Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral students in applying for funding to develop their scientific research, as well as organizing and teaching many international courses for medical students and for public health.

The University officially signed a contract to invite Dr Mattias Larsson to be the University Consular in developing international collaborations and helping the university to develop scientific research from May 2011.  In congratulating Dr Larsson, Professor Jeremy Farrar said that 'I hope we can do more in the future to support links between OUCRU-VN, The Wellcome Trust and Hanoi Medical University.'