Oxford talks

How to access Oxford Talks

How to apply to become Talks Editor

All members of the University are entitled to be Talks Editors:

  1. Log in to Oxford Talks (top right corner) with your SSO; this will create an ordinary user account for you
  2. Send an email to OxTalks with your name and department, and requesting to become Talk Editor

Talks Editors have the rights to edit the information in Oxford Talks. They can create new talks or new series, and can be added as an editor to other talks and series (using their email address).

How to view your series

How to add a new talk in an existing series

How to create a Series

How to create a Collection of several series and/or talks

On the homepage, click on 'Talk Collections' to view existing collections.

To create a new collection, use the dropdown list under your name (top right corner) and select 'Manage Collections'.

Click on 'Add new collection'; give it a Title, Description and add Editors

How to add a series or a talk to a collection

Navigate to the relevant Series or Talk and click 'Add to collection' and select the collection.

Need more help?

More information can be found on Oxford Talks Help page