Oxfordshire Science Festival 2014

ATOM Science Fair

ATOM science fair 2014
Oxfordshire Science Festival

The closing event of Oxfordshire Science Festival, the ATOM Science Fair, took place on Saturday 22 March 2014 in Abingdon Market Square, Abingdon.

A hands-on interactive science fair with more than 20 stalls, ATOM Science Fair included exhibitions and activities from companies and organisations around Abingdon, demonstrating the science in their work.

The NDM stall included interactive games and activities presented by an enthusiastic team of research staff and student volunteers.

Particular hits at the fair were the DNA bracelets activity and cell hopscotch. To make DNA bracelets, children used four different colours of beads to represent the DNA bases, using the sequence of part of a gene to make helix-shaped bracelets.

Cell hopscotch involved children jumping between organelles in a cell, drawn on the floor. Different tasks were performed in each organelle to represent its function (e.g. star-jumps or dancing for energy in the mitochondrum).


Science in Your World Science Fair

The launch event of Oxfordshire Science Festival, the Science in Your World science fair, took place on Saturday 8th March 2014.


Over the course of the day more than 5,000 people visited the bustling mini-science fair in Bonn Square. Visitors, both young and old, soaked up the sunshine and visited a diverse range of STEM-related stalls.

A team of NDM staff and student volunteers presented an exciting collection of games and activities, which highlighted some of the exiting research taking place across the Department. Just some of the activities on offer were:

The NDM stall was very well-received with plenty of enthusiastic comments from participants, and the syringe-shaped pens in high demand.