How do I hide or restrict visibility of a page?

By default, the level of visibility of each page is ‘Public' and each page is included in the navigation (automatically generated menu item).

The ‘Visibility’ feature in NeWT affects the front end of the site. Visibility is about whom you want the pages content to be visible to. So if you had some information that was not to be made public but only to be viewed by people within the university network, this is where you would set it. It flows like a hierarchy, and has a few different options:

There is also an option for navigation. Only 2 options here, and both fairly self-explanatory. If you set it to ‘Shown in menus’ your page, section, whatever it is will show in the menu structure. Depending what level of navigation you are on depends where exactly it will sit on the page (1st level in the blue header, 2nd level just under the blue header, 3rd level is the right side navigation, 4th level is just under the right side navigation, anything beyond 4th level will not show up in the menu structure).

‘Hidden from menus’ means that the page/section you’re creating will not show at all in the menu structure, whether it’s 1st level or 4th. This is handy if you want to link up a new page but don’t want it to show in navigation. For example, the jobs section on the NDM website, we didn’t want the 4 sections of jobs (research, academic, technical etc.) to show up in the navigation, but they need to be stored somewhere. So we created a main jobs page that had links to each job section, but you cannot access them through the navigation menu's anywhere. The only way to access these specific job pages is by clicking on the link on the main jobs page, yet those pages are always there and visible to anyone. This feature gets used more than you would think, so it’s worth having a play as it can be extremely useful.

We have also recently added a new feature to NeWT where by pages can be set up to display on and until a specific date. You'll notice a link that says Commencement and expiry options. Click this and 3 options will open, 'Commencement Date', 'Expiry Date' and 'Notification Email'. These options act exactly as they say, set a commencement date and the page/post will only show up from 12am on that specific date. Set an expiry date and the page will drop off the menu's as it turns 12am on that day. Add in your email and you will recieve an email both when the page gets made live and one when it gets hidden, depending on whether you have added dates to both fields.