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Translational Medicine - From Bench to Bedside

Medical research must ultimately translate into improved treatments for patients. Researchers at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, collaborate to develop better care and improved preventive measures. Findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from Bench to Bedside.



Epidemics and vaccines


Autoimmune diseases


Global health

Translational and Clinical Medicine


Diabetes and Obesity

Health systems research


Meet our Students

NDM Prize Studentships

The Nuffield Department of Medicine offers a highly competitive studentship for our DPhil programme to outstanding candidates of any nationality. DPhil Students become full members of the University of Oxford. The NDM Prize Studentship is a four year course which includes full payment of all fees and an annual stipend.

NDM Research Units

NDM is a large multi-disciplinary Department that links high quality basic biological science with medical application. Our base at the Headington Hospitals campus is one of the largest centres for biomedical research in Europe. In addition to its Oxford base, the Department operates a number of major overseas programmes in tropical medicine and global health.

International Activities

The Nuffield Department of Medicine engages with many countries around the world in a variety of ways.

Career Equality Talks

The Nuffield Department of Medicine recognises the challenge of balancing work-life commitments and encourages staff to make use of the range of University services and facilities to support them with this.

Women in Science

Athena Swan

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics runs a successful series on Women in Science

In her footsteps

Athena Swan

Every scientist has a story to tell about their passion for research, and everyone needs to balance their career with the other aspects of life.

Revolutionary Biology

International Year of Crystallography

This documentary series explains how the field of structural biology has developed over the past 100 years, Oxford’s involvement in that development, and where we go from here!

NDM seminars

The purpose of these meetings is to enable departmental members to be aware of the scientific work ongoing in the department, to promote collaborations, to assist in the development of scientific programmes and to promote a collegiate atmosphere amongst our staff.

Public engagement

Outreach & Impact

The Nuffield Department of Medicine is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and the positive impact of its research on the health and wellbeing of the global community

Oxford Open Doors talk

In September 2015 Professor Peter Horby gave a talk about the history and science of Ebola

Science Oxford talks

In spring 2013, the Nuffield Department of Medicine teamed up with Science Oxford Live for their Healthy Season. We explored why we get ill and how we get better again, what happens to our bodies when things go wrong, and what we can do to stay healthy.

Making global health better

How can we help people make well-informed choices about their own health? On the evening of the 27th February 2014, this session was a creative mix of thought provoking and knowledge sharing lectures on Making Global Health Better.

Crossing Boundaries

Africa – Oxford health systems research collaboration

Held on the 8th December 2015 at the University of Oxford, the conference brought together researchers across Oxford University and beyond, to showcase the diversity and quality of health research.
Researchers from Europe and Africa gathered in Oxford on the 27th and 28th February 2014 to share knowledge on health systems research, economics and governance in health management.

Immunology in Oxford

Professor Sir Andrew McMichael Celebration Symposium

Researchers, past and present colleagues of Professor Sir Andrew McMichael, gathered on the 21st September 2012 for a Symposium reflecting on the evolution of Immunology in Oxford.