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Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo opens the Symposium with a few words about Professor Sir Andrew McMichael

  • His achievements, past, present and future
  • His tremendous vision
  • His contagious enthusiam, his ability to motivate and inspire
  • His legacy that goes beyond his scientific achievements

Vincenzo Cerundolo

Cancer immunotherapy

Enzo portraitProfessor Vincenzo Cerundolo is an immunologist based at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. With the aim of developing better treatment strategies for cancer patients, Professor Cerundolo is working to gain a better understanding of the cell-to-cell interplay required for optimal expansion and activation of tumour-specific T cell populations. Professor Cerundolo’s laboratory is divided into three complementary areas, including: the analysis of tumour-specific immune responses in melanoma patients and the role of the tumour micro-environment in hampering tumour-specific immune responses; the structural, kinetic and functional analyses of invariant NKT (iNKT) cell activation; and a clinical trial vaccine programme in melanoma patients.

Professor Cerundolo's group is part of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Translational Medicine

From Bench to Bedside

Ultimately, medical research must translate into improved treatments for patients. At the Nuffield Department of Medicine, our researchers collaborate to develop better health care, improved quality of life, and enhanced preventative measures for all patients. Our findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from bench to bedside.