Problems and Advice

Graduates who have personal, academic or administrative problems and who are uncertain of the proper way to resolve these problems have several possible courses of action open to them.  It is usually best to talk to your supervisor first and to the NDM graduate studies office for administrative help.  Financial problems are often best taken to colleges.

People and organisations to which you can turn for support are:

The Graduate Studies Office in the University Offices is a source of advice on forms, deadlines and other advice on the degree process.  The Educational Policy and Standards Committee has oversight of all matters relating to the education of students within the University.

The Student Counselling Service at 11 Wellington Square acts in strict confidence and is experienced in helping students with a wide variety of physical and psychological disabilities relating to academic work.  Other useful sources of support are listed on the Health & Welfare pages of the University website.

Details on how to make complaints in relation to your degree are available on the Complaints Procedures of the University website.