If you produce a video

NDM members or anyone wishing to film on NDM premises should first contact NDM Strategic.

All requests are subject to approval

Please provide as much notice as possible. It takes time to consider requests, so you should not expect to be given permission to film with less than a week’s notice; a month is preferable.

Please send us as much detail as possible, including:

Any scripts that are written, or text that is being used, should be approved by NDMS, on behalf of the Head of Department. If possible, any drafts or rough cuts of the video should also be shown to NDMS prior to final sign off.

We are aiming to support the acknowledgment of research activities, as they are important tools for outreach and impact, and are looking for a consistent approach across the Department, Division and University. We have been working closely with the Medical Sciences Division to assist with communications between the NDM units and the central Public Affairs Directorate. 

Once the video is completed, NDMS must be kept informed about where and when the film will be published and released. Please provide us with a copy of or link to the film.