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A method of optimizing delivery of computer media over a network of computers involves creating an annotation record for each item of computer media. Within the annotation record at least some of the following classes of information are included: (i) an identification of the computer on which the media item was created or introduced to the network; (ii) identifications of one or more computers on which a copy of the media item is presently located; (iii) an identification list of computers which have established a computer link to the media item; (iv) an identification list of computer users who have personal software assistants which have established a computer link to the media item; (v) an indication enabling version control of the media item; and (iv) one or more indications as to the subject matter of the media item. Whenever a media item is updated or deleted, the corresponding annotation record is also updated and a notification record is forwarded to each computer or a personal software assistant of each computer user on the network which has a computer link to the media item.