Research Project Management & Reporting

Import one R12 report and view your entire Project Portfolio on one page, showing all the information you need in a clear format. Forget about running multiple reports throughout the day or week, increase efficiency and save time, while improving the management and control of Research and Departmental Projects. This tool has evolved over the past 5 years in NDM and now offers a reliable and effective means of reviewing your Portfolio. By gaining a greater command of finance data you can make more informed decisions, ensure Projects are spent appropriately, aid compliance with sponsors’ terms, provide your PIs with a better service and reduce your concerns.

What do users say?

“This is very quick and easy to update and has saved a lot of time allowing me to send all my project reports in a matter of minutes. The report format is clear and allows you to see at a glance a PI’s portfolio as all the grants are listed on the same page. The function of being able to add notes to individual projects and tasks is very helpful as well.”
Leonora Dempsey, Business Manager, NDM Research Building

“Our portfolio of grants is moderately large, about 150, but many of them have multiple subtasks (20 or more). The Research Project Management tool allows us to use Oracle data, combined with other data we input into the template, to produce useful and user friendly financial information that is used by both our finance team and, via the automated email distribution, PI’s. With its ability to capture the entire project portfolio in one location, while allowing us to drill down to individual projects, the tool is increasingly being used to aid the financial management of our portfolio.”
Paul Hogben, Finance Manager, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health


This tool will be customised for your Department before you receive it. All you need to do is import the latest R12 report and your Project Summary will self-populate, providing you with a clear view of your entire Research Portfolio.


Local IT or PC set-ups should be no problem, however if technical problems do arise, we will assist in resolving these.

The template will be updated periodically, ensuring that any changes to R12 reports are taken into account, enhancements are incorporated, etc.

Screenshot of Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio

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