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Professor Yvonne Jones tells us how structural biology was brought into the field of immunology in Oxford, at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.

Professor Jones also explains the developments of her current research on cell surface receptors as mediators of nerve cells guidance.

Professor Yvonne Jones

Receptor Structure

yvonneProfessor Yvonne Jones is Director of the Cancer Research UK Receptor Structure Research Group, which is focused on the structural biology of cell surface recognition and signalling complexes. Her research group investigates the molecular mechanisms that underpin cell-cell communication. This communication depends on receptors embedded in the surface membrane of the cell. These proteins provide potential targets for therapeutic intervention in many diseases, including cancer. Professor Jones’ lab is based at the Henry Wellcome Building for Genomic Medicine, within the Division of Structural Biology, and part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Translational Medicine

From Bench to Bedside

Ultimately, medical research must translate into improved treatments for patients. At the Nuffield Department of Medicine, our researchers collaborate to develop better health care, improved quality of life, and enhanced preventative measures for all patients. Our findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from bench to bedside.