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Professor Sir Andrew McMichael speaks about his early days in Oxford, working in immunology.

With a touch of humour he compares the tools available to immunologist in 1971 with today's technology. He also explains how immunology progressed from explaining phenomena to molecular immunology.

Professor Sir Andrew McMichael

HIV vaccines

andrew-headshot.jpgProfessor Sir Andrew McMichael obtained a PhD in Immunology at NIMR supervised by Ita Askonas and Alan Williamson in 1974. Since 1987 he has studied the T cell response to HIV, with a particular interest in virus escape from T cell recognition.

For the last five years he has focussed on HIV vaccines. His group have designed and tested two candidate HIV vaccines in phase I clinical trials. His group has also been involved in developing novel methods for measuring T cell responses, such as HLA tetramer staining. Professor McMichael is currently testing a series of T-cell boosting vaccines to determine if they can replace traditional drug treatments in preventing or controlling HIV.

Translational Medicine

From Bench to Bedside

Ultimately, medical research must translate into improved treatments for patients. At the Nuffield Department of Medicine, our researchers collaborate to develop better health care, improved quality of life, and enhanced preventative measures for all patients. Our findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from bench to bedside.