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Research Development

Within each unit of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, the lead administrator and dedicated staff support researchers:

Identification of new sponsors within a scientific discipline with the aim of broadening an existing research portfolio
Confirm eligibility to apply for specific funding
Advice on managing large-scale research projects
Support for new research group leaders arriving in Oxford
Provision of management information for NDM Committees
Facilitation of links with other research groups in Oxford
Preparation of institutional letters of support for research proposals

Funding Opportunities

Funding information can be found on the main University website:

The Medical Sciences Division have compiled some general tips collated from applicants to the Royal Society URF scheme. If you're planning on applying to this scheme, or any other funding opportunity, you may find them useful.

As well as the University's Research Services pages, there are additional resources available on the Medical Sciences Divisional website relating to funding and development.

You can also set up your own account on Research Professional.

Project Management

Large scale and complex projects can benefit from cross-divisional support if alternative expertise is required:

  • Collation of institutional collaborator details/costs for funding applications
  • Advise on setting a new project management team or network coordinating centre tailored to your project
  • Advice about frameworks for managing collaborator relationships
  • Training for new project managers
  • Tools for project management

Contact Links: please contact the Lead Administrator for your area.

Equipment and Facilities

The University of Oxford's Research Services Team have developed a new online searchable facilities and equipment database providing information on equipment over £10K and on the University's Small Research Facilities (SRFs). The purpose of the database is to promote and encourage the sharing of equipment across the University.

For each piece of equipment they have documented the department, location, and contact, whether it is shareable or not, the technical specification (including modifications and limitations), availability, access, any usage restrictions and a website link where available. In addition, each piece of equipment has been classified under a category and sub-category listing.

From the website you can:

  • Search for a piece of equipment and refine by location, department, Institution (we are also pulling through information on equipment at the University of Southampton) and category.
  • Browse by category or facility.
  • Notify Research Services if you want to add or amend an entry, or provide any feedback.

In order to view the database users will need to login using their single sign-on username and password.

Other services

Information on resources and support available to researchers are listed on the Medical Science Division Researchers Toolkit.

Requests for other support from the NDM Strategic Team can be sent to Jamie Newman, Head of Operations.