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The University of Oxford and the Nuffield Department of Medicine is already starting to think beyond the REF 2014 to the next assessment exercise, which will most likely be carried out in 2019 or 2020. While there is very little information available from HEFCE on the post-2014 REF exercise, it is understood that any outputs published after November 2013 will be eligible for the next assessment.


The societal and economic impact of medical research is fast becoming an integral part of research assessment, and is expected to be included in the post-2014 REF assessment. NDM Strategic is dedicated to supporting its researchers and ensuring everyone in the Department is aware of the options available to them for translating research into impact.

While the path to impact outside of academia is often clear to those driving it, having to quantify and provide evidence to support a claim of impact can be challenging.

NDM’s Principal Investigator Information platform PINFOX is an ideal way for researchers within the Department to collect data relating not only to their academic outputs, but to other activities and achievements, which might later support claims of impact.

While this web-based repository for information on research and outreach activities has long been used by NDM to power its public webpages, the PINFOX data collection platform can now also be used to record news items, events and major milestones, using the Timeline application.

To learn more about PINFOX and how to use Timeline please visit the the NDM tools website.

Open Access

HEFCE’s recent proposal to include Open Access as additional criteria in the post-2014 REF also indicates that this may be a major part of the next assessment. For more information about the proposal please visit the HEFCE website.