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ORA-Data (Oxford Research Archive for Data) was developed largely in response to emerging funder policies regarding research data, and it offers a service to record, archive and enable the discovery and sharing of data produced by Oxford research staff. The service sits within the long-established Oxford Research Archive (ORA) for publications so that data can easily be linked to related research outputs, and further information may be found at the Bodleian's Data Archiving (ORA-Data) page.

The service is aimed at:

  • research staff who wish to include an entry for their dataset in the University's catalogue of research data, irrespective of where that data is archived
  • research staff who need a repository in which to deposit their research data, especially data that underpins publications

However, it is not intended to store:

  • data still in active (live) use by research projects
  • data that has been created exclusively by researchers not affiliated with the University of Oxford
  • confidential or sensitive data, unless sufficiently anonymized

You can use ORA-Data by visiting the Oxford Research Archive (ORA) website, clicking 'Deposit' in the menu bar, selecting 'Data' from the list of options, and then following the six-step deposit process. Further information about depositing is available from the ORA-Data LibGuide or by email.

For more general information about managing research data, please visit the University's Research Data Oxford website.