Timelines for Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators are invited to create and edit their own timeline.

Timeline events

In PINFOX, navigate to a PI profile and scroll down to the ‘Timeline Events’ section. From there, events can be added, edited and deleted by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

How to import an event published as a News on a NeWT powered website

Our websites commonly use lists of content for News; it is possible to directly import a News as an Event:

How to import a key publication

PINFOX automatically imports favourite publications from Symplectic. Those publications can be selected for a timeline.

How to import a key finance project

Finance projects information held in Oracle is updated fortnightly in PINFOX and can be selected for a timeline. The timeline will only display the finance project title, start date and funding body.

Note: If you want to use a sponsor's logo, make sure that you have permission to display it on your research profile.

How to enter an event manually

All mandatory fields are marked by a star. 

How to view a timeline

On the PI profile page click 'View Events' to get to the summary table of events 

Note: In order to view/publish a timeline, the PI must have a photo on their PINFOX profile.

How to publish a timeline for a PI

You can view an example of timeline on Professor Xin Lu's PINFOX profile

Note: Make sure that the profile is ready and has been approved by the PI before publishing it; you can preview it by using the ‘Preview Timeline’ button.

How to amend a news, publication or finance project

  • images must be .jpg, .gif or .png
  • thumbnails appearing on the timeline are cropped to 100x100 pixels; long rectangular images might not display as expected
  • when the event is expanded, the image will display at a max 500x300 pixels