Immunology in Oxford

Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones

HIV immunology


Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones studies immunity to virus infection, with a focus on how immune responses modify the outcome of HIV infection. She has undertaken clinical cohorts into HIV-1 and HIV-2 immunology in Kenya, Zimbabwe, China and the UK. Her research into HIV-2 – which is found predominantly in West Africa and leads to a high proportion of long-term non-progressors – has showed that people with non-progressive HIV-2 infection have a much stronger T cell response than those with the progressive infection. This research has provided valuable information for vaccine design. Professor Rowland-Jones’ group is part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine – she is currently based at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Sarah Rowland-Jones: African adventures

Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones talks about her research on HIV, first in Oxford then in Africa, in Kenya and in The Gambia.

Professor Rowland-Jones studies protective immunity against HIV infection. It was early recognized that cytotoxic T cells play an important part in the control of HIV-1 infection; exposure to the less pathogenic HIV-2 strain leads to protection agains HIV-1 in people with a certain HLA type.