Making global health better

Sasha Shepperd

Professor Sasha Shepperd leads the Health Services research at the Nuffield Department of Population Health. Professor Shepperd's research interests include the evaluation of complex interventions by individual patient data meta-analysis, published data and primary research; methods to support the translation of edivence and for improving the quality of health information used by the public.

Making Global Health Better

How can we help people make well-informed choices about their own health?

On the evening of the 27th February 2014, this session was a creative mix of thought provoking and knowledge sharing lectures on Making Global Health Better. Young scientists, PhD students and researchers each had an opportunity to learn, interact and exchange ideas.

Crossing boundaries

Africa – Oxford health systems research collaboration

Researchers from Europe and Africa gathered in Oxford to share knowledge on health systems research, economics and governance in health management.

Sasha Shepperd: Making global health better

Sasha takes us through systematic review of evidence and how it can be used in decision making when responding to humanitarian emergencies. She places emphasis on collecting evidence and all data to answer a particular research question as necessary. Evidence aid is a co-ordinated initiative to improve effective and timely access to systematic review evidence to aid decision making before, during and after disasters and other humanitarian emergencies to improve health outcomes. Many decisions need to be made after a humanitarian crisis.

This podcast goes through some examples as to how evidence can inform decisions. Overall, evidence to decisions should consider context and the situation. Most studies do not take place in a crisis environment. There is a need to gather knowledge of the physical, social and political characteristics of a particular environment.

Health professionals have to adapt standards on the way they deliver health care.