'Science at Work' Day

On 8th July, two scientists from the Respiratory Medicine group visited a local school to give school children a taste of what being a scientist is like. Samantha Thulborn and Kirsty Hambleton gave a presentation showing a whistle-stop tour of their lab, talked about the diseases they study, and how their research is helping find to find cures for respiratory diseases. 


'The day was a great success, and the children were interested and enthusiastic', said Samantha.

The researchers showed students a lung function test and explained how it works. Students also tried to identify the different cell types found in sputum under a microscope: ‘I think they all found this much harder they expected!’, according to Samantha.

‘Our goal was to show how the research we do aids in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in a hospital environment, and of the 270 pupils involved in the day, 120 have stated that they’d like to take up a science industry placement for their work experience. So all in all a very successful day, although tiring!’

If you are a NDM researcher interested in presenting their work to school students, please do get in touch with us.